Eating healthy, tasty and ethical food - How to do it in America?

It started at Minneapolis airport when I bought a yogurt and did not read the list of ingredients. The Battle of Finding Tasty, Healthy and Ethical Food from USA. I lost the first round but luckily the journey was only beginning.

When I got to my residence at St. Thomas University, I tasted the yogurt. It looked slimy and tasted weird. At this point I looked at the ingredients list. Yuck! What was the gelatin and three corn based food additives doing in my yogurt? I threw the jar to the trash.




As a kid, I used to think the whole world ate rice. Then, at 7 years old, my parents took me on a month-long trip to Europe. I realized I was wrong. People ate other stuff like bread, potatoes, and other stuff unfamiliar to a young Filipino boy! I came back to the Philippines nearly emaciated.  



Consumer protection - how to avoid sandwich anxiety, coffee confusion and a coke overdose

I’ve stared to feel intimidated when I order a coffee or a sandwich in the United States. Let me share a recent example from a well known coffee franchise in Chicago. It went something like this.

Me: “Could I have a coffee please?”

Lady:  “What size would you like? Tall, grande or venti?”

Me: ( Already on the back foot)  “The smallest one please.”

Lady: “OK tall. And what blend would you like, blonde, medium or bold?”

Me: ( Now on the defensive) “I don’t know.”

Lady: “What blend would you like sir, blonde, medium or bold?”



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