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Greater Than What?

"Make America Great Again!", Donald Trump's campaign slogan, would make you erroneously  believe that America's best days are all behind it and that the country is fast becoming one of those has-been global powers like the Great Britain.

Well, like all empires before it, the U.S will fall someday too, but not in my lifetime, I am sure. Far from from the limping weakling that some believe the U.S has turned in to in recent days, America is still the greatest nation on Earth.


A Tower To Unite Them All

There are events that change the world in a profound way that the question that one often gets asked in social conversations is :what were you doing, where were you when it happened? Well, on the evening of September 11, 2001, I had just come home from a soccer game with my friends and I happened to switch on our TV set for the 7 pm evening news. But rather than our local diet of local news, the state broadcaster was relaying to us news of catastrophic attacks in far away New York that had spectacularly brought down the highest buildings in the world.


Home, away from home

It is Monday morning and well past the Sunday mid night deadline given to me by David, our "supreme guide", and the WPI executive director, to write this blog. See, for days on end I have been agonizing about what to write about my stay in the US so far-not because there is nothing to write home about but because there are so many titillating topics to chose from. Initially, I wanted to write about the US and its unusual consumer behavior or the warm reception accorded to us by the residents of Ely on a bitingly cold summer last week.


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